Aindrila Sharma RIP Status Video

Aindrila Sharmaa RIP Status Video

Aindrila was diagnosed with ‘Ewing’s sarcoma’, a cancer that had spread to the brain, informed the hospital where Aindrila Sharma was admitted in Howrah. Aindrila suffered a stroke on November 1. He was admitted to the hospital. The condition of the actress was critical from the beginning. It can be seen in the biopsy, that ‘metastasis’ has appeared in the brain from the previous ‘Ewing’s sarcoma’.

That is, the cancer has spread to the brain. According to the hospital, it is very difficult to save the life of the patient with this deadly disease. However, a whole team of doctors, including neurologists, cancer doctors, radiation oncologists, tried to cure him. Doctors believe that he suffered a severe stroke on the left side of the head due to cancer. Later the stroke occurred on the right side of the brain. The level of consciousness continues to decrease. In the end, he suffered from heart disease several times. On the afternoon of the 20th, he had a ‘cardiac arrest’ again. Aindrila left at 12:59 pm.
We are very sad he is with us so we wish his soul peace, we have given some status video pls share.

Aindrila Sharma Death Whatsapp Status

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Actor Aindrila Sharma RIP Status

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Aindrila Sharma Sad Whatsapp Status

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Miss You Aindrila Sharma Death Video Status

Aindrila Sharma Death Video Status Download, Miss You Aindrila Sharma Status Download.

Aindrila Sharma Sad Video Status

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Aindrila Sharma RIP Status

Miss You Aindrila Sharmaa.